The following five texts represent a few articles that have been written on inquiry and are available in English. Both ‘Something More on Research Militancy’ and ‘Drifting Through the Knowledge Machine’ are available in the collection Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigation // Collective Theorization, recently released by AK Press – the collection includes a number of other articles on the subject.

These texts are being posted as part of the suggested readings list for a new project of inquiry that is very much in its beginning stages here in New York City. For more information email radicalinquiry (at)

‘Prologue’ by Marta Malo for the collection ‘Common Notions: Experiences and Essays at the Intersections Between Research and Miltancy’ (The collection has not been translated from Spanish)

‘Something More on Research Militancy: Footnotes on Procedures and (In) Decisions’ by Colectivo Situaciones (Available in the Constituent Imagination collection)

‘Drifting Through the Knowledge Machine’ by Maribel Casas-Cortes + Sebastian Cobarrubias (Available in the Constituent Imagination collection; the document is second from the bottom, simply click on that link to access the PDF)

‘A Very Careful Strike – Four Hypotheses’ by Pecarias a la Deriva

‘Agency of Precarious Affairs’ by Precarias a la Deriva (short planning document)