A Team Colors Statement on the Upcoming 2008 Convention Protests

On the eve of this year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, and mere days before the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, we have borne witness to a number of narratives unfolding in the political landscape. We see an election year play out before us; we see an astonishing upsurge of activism and participation, much of it connected to the campaign of Senator Obama; we see organizations and individuals planning a wide array of protests, mobilizations, and direct actions. Many of these intertwining strands will converge into massive storms of activity and interaction at the upcoming conventions. We at Team Colors sought to examine narratives such as these, and over the past several months, have collected articles, interviews, discussions, essays – any and all evidence we could dredge up, recording the ways and means of today’s movements. We uncovered a lot – some problematic, some confusing, some even deplorable – but thankfully, enough whirlwinds of promise and potential emerged before our eyes to lend credence to afeeling of change, of gathering storms.

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FOR NEWS & ANALYSIS ON THE RNC & DNC PROTESTS VISIT: Infoshop.org (RNC & DNC), Colorado IMC (DNC), and Twin Cities IMC (RNC).


The introduction to Whirlwinds titled Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?: Movement, Movements and Mapping Our Current Cycle of Struggle has been posted at the journal website and serves to frame the project and map its contents. It begins below:

A Letter Among Friends: A Whirlwinds Introduction

Creating an Encounter: Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?

This question, which begins and ends the Whirlwinds project, is not circular nor is it reflective; it does not seek to recruit the populace into a political undertaking, nor does it seek to close off possible answers within or in relation to our own. Rather, it is an invitation to encounter one another.

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