Maps, Drifts, Interventions and Inquiries: What (Else) Can Independent Media Do?
Julie Perini & Kevin Van Meter (of Team Colors Collective)

A workshop given 13 September 2008 as part of the Portland Grassroots Media Camp

The following items are drawn from a workshop given by Julie and Kevin at the 2008 Portland Grassroots Media Camp, and they would like to thanks the Camp organizers and workshop attendees for participating in this endeavor. These items include: a description of the workshop, workshop materials – including the full power point presentation, informational packet, video’s viewed during the workshop, and Kevin’s talk on Militant Research – and photos of the maps produced in the session and from the event.

Workshop Description:

“Maps, Drifts, Interventions and Inquiries: What (Else) Can Independent Media Do?” will introduce the participants to a number of techniques for producing knowledge about our communities and struggles, as well as opening pathways for dialog and communication. Workshop participants will learn about techniques gleaned from community organizing, militant / co-research and interventionist art traditions and will be involved in producing their own surveys, maps, drifts, and inquiries with the intent of creating participatory and dialogical media.

Workshop Materials:

– What (Else) Can Independent Media Do? Powerpoint Presentation

– What is Militant Research? A Talk

Informational Packet

Video’s Viewed During the Workshop:

– Watch Me Break It Down (Julie Perini; available at

– Big Plans & Backyards (Center for Urban Pedagogy)

– A Drift Thought Downtown Vancouver

Workshop Results:

– Individual Maps: to be posted shortly.

Additional photographs from the event can be found here.


Team Colors (Brooklyn, Portland, Twin Cities & Tucson) – coordinators of the recent journal “In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements” (Whirlwinds) – is pleased to announce that Stevie Peace of the Twin Cities has joined the collective.

This addition will not only strengthen the collective in addressing its mission “to explore questions of everyday resistance, mutual aid, the imposition of work, social reproduction, class composition, community participation and the commons – by creating engaging workshops and the producing provocative written documents and articles”; but will allow Team Colors to build relationships with movements and collectives in the Midwest.

Read the full announcement.