New Team Colors Article: “Abandoning the chorus: checking ourselves a decade since Seattle”

25 March 2010

The Team Colors Collective is pleased to announce that our most recent article – titled “Abandoning the chorus: checking ourselves a decade since Seattle” – is appearing in the first issue of a new journal from the Groundswell Collective. The first issue of the Groundswell Journal is called “Crisis Folklore” and includes contributions from Team Colors friends Gavin Grindon and City Life / Vida Urbana in addition to our own.

A note from the Groundswell Collective and a link to obtain the journal follows.

* * *

Groundswell’s journal is hot off the presses, and available in our online

This first edition focuses on crisis folklore, and includes contributions by
Groundswell, Gavin Grindon (the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination), Susan Sakash (RadKidCare), John Hulsey and collaborators (City Life/Vida Urbana), Karl Fitzgerald (Real Estate 4 Ransom), Team Colors Collective, and Chris Kennedy (basekamp/The Institute for Applied Aesthetics).

Copies are available in select book stores (see below) and are coming soon to the rest of the country and the UK! If you’re interested in helping to distribute copies, please contact us.

You can also buy copies from the bookstores below.
– Red Emma’s (Baltimore, MD)
– Bluestockings (NYC, NY)
– Lucy Parsons Center (Boston, MA)


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